Kawasaki Z800


Above picture is the Kawasaki Z800 which was launched in November 2012. I still remember during that time I was dreaming to get my hands on this bike. It was just the love at first sight. But due to my first child was born and some other commitments, I can’t go for this bike during that time. I joined the Kawasaki Z800 group on Facebook and browsing thru it almost everyday.

I just sold off my SYM VTS200 scooter last 2 days. It was very quick. I put up my ad on at 8am in the morning, at 10.30am the buyer whatsapp asking for info, at 3.30pm we met and there you go, it was sold. The buyer will take my 3 years scooter this Saturday.

That’s where I was thinking that this could be it. This is the time I should just grab the Kawasaki Z800. Although I was contemplating between the Z800 and Versys 650, my heart still goes for Z800. We shall see how it goes.

So, the whole of next week I’ll be driving to work which I hate it so much. The traffic jams, the driver’s attitude, have to go early and so on.

Dear traffic jams, please be good to me next week.


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