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Dah bersarang blog ni. Hehe. It’s better late than never, kan?

Well, do you know I love traveling? But due to time constraints and commitments, I didn’t do much travel nowadays. The last city I visited this year was Singapore. And the last city last year I visited was Jakarta & Bandung where we brought 2 bags and got back to KL with 6 bags. Nasib baik tak kena excess baggage. My wife shopping banyak sangat sampai satu beg tu cecah 40kg. But nevermind, sekali sekala je shopping kat sana kan. 😀 …anyway, hopefully to do travel more nanti.

Talking about travel, one of my ultimate dream is to travel to New Zealand, both North & South Island. I would love to go there as a solo traveler but since I got married and have a cute son, how can I leave them. Nanti kat sana dah rindu nak balik pulak. So to accomplish my dream, I would love to go for a roadtrip in New Zealand this year. With coincidence, Emirates launched global ticket sales. Dan secara tak sengaja, terbeli ticket to NZ this October. It was only RM2,738 per person. The flight is from KL to Auckland but transit in Melbourne for 6 hours. Since dah terbeli, now I look forward to go there this October!


First thing first, I need to plan on the budget, accommodations, rental car, tours and whereabouts. I started exploring the NZ maps and the cities that I’ll be visiting. As of today, here are the route that I have planned :-

KL – Melbourne – Auckland – Rotorua – Matamata – Rotorua – Wellington – Picton – Christchurch – Ashburton – Timaru – Oamaru – Dunedin – Nugget Point – Balclutha – Gore – Te Anau – Milford Sound – Queenstown – Glenorchy – Arrowtown – Wanaka – Omarama – Lake Pukaki – Lake Tekapo – Geraldine – Christchurch – Auckland – Melbourne – KL

All of the above locations will be covered within 13 days. Most probably I’m not going to drive in North Island as the rental car is very pricey if we rent for less than 3 days. Based from my budget calculation, if I traveling solo, the cost would be no less than 5k (excluding flight ticket). A mixture of motel lodge & backpackers lodge accommodation. The only thing will be expensive is the car petrol. Tapi takpe, nak jalan-jalan punya pasal. Belasah je.

Oh ya lupa pulak. My wife boleh pulak cakap taknak pergi sebab takde rasa nak pergi sana.’s NZ ok. Kalau dia taknak pergi, my son pun tak dapat ikut. But we’ll see. Still have another 6 months to go untuk pujuk.

So, lets hope my dream would be a reality. Till then…

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